Roger J. Romero

Hello, my name's Roger. I'm a web & app developer from Phoenix, Arizona. I'm currently studying Computer Science at Arizona State University. Below is some of my work.


A fun party-card game. A deck of roles and locations are handed out, and it's up to you to determine who is the spy. Create your own custom packs and locations to add variety to the gameplay.


Long before Apple updated the Apple Watch with Scribble, Morse was the only way to compose messages on the Watch without speaking.

Typeaway is an app & website that let's you chat with people from around the world, in real-time. As they type, every key press is sent in real-time, no need to press enter.

Instapiano (WIP)

Upload and play MIDI files with a clean piano interface on both web and natively on iOS. Learn to play songs by plugging in a MIDI keyboard, and following along at your own speed and in your own key.


Create a "pulse" and hold up your phone. Share your pulse and synchronize with friends. Show off at parties, sporting events and stand out in the crowd.

Emoji Draw

Put your artistic skills to the test with an innovative new way of drawing! Use Emojis like paint to mesh together a masterpiece.